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Monday January 01, 2001

Introduction to the website

I decided to create this website because I want to inform as many people as possible, above all youngsters before they become parents, that corporal punishment on children (spanking, hitting, beating) has only very negative consequences. This campaign seems to me necessary because the most recent surveys have shown that only a small minority is aware of the dangers of spanking. For that reason I named the site The Forbidden Issue.
For twenty years now, I have tried to distribute this knowledge in my books. Eventually, I came to understand that it is extremely hard for most parents to grasp the importance and social implications of this information. They learned a misleading message so early, that it strongly resists to all the arguments of modern science. Unfortunately, the only reason for parents to spank their children is to be found in the history of their own childhood.
What I found in my research concerns everybody, without exception, even if most people are not aware of this. I thus hope that the material found on this website can open the eyes at least of some of them.The website can't provide the insights offered by the books, whose reading might be indispensable for a deeper understanding.

Alice Miller